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Trends and new launches

The skilled trades are green at heart: the sustainability megatrend

Sustainability is not in fact a trend for the skilled trades, but rather an integral part of their identity. After all, their activities are about creating lasting value. To this end, the hardware industry is focusing on long-term solutions for tools and appliances. This includes optimising products to conserve energy and resources.

Making energy mobile: the new battery systems

Probably there is hardly any issue as topical today as energy consumption. Manufacturers in the hardware industry have been working to improve the energy efficiency of their tools for some time. Sophisticated battery systems protect the environment and are increasingly making work easier. High-performance storage batteries now offer an emissions-free and quiet alternative to diesel generators. The latest portable power stations ensure an uninterrupted power supply even with intense use, for example when working with a large angle grinder or cement mixer.

Just do it: more ergonomic tools for greater comfort

An ageing society is not the only reason why expectations regarding comfort and safety at work are rising. The hardware industry is responding to this demand by improving the ergonomic design of its products and making them simpler to use. One example of this trend can be seen in the new cordless electric screwdrivers with extremely lightweight and ergonomic housings. Screwing by hand is also made easier by flexible cushioning under the soft grip on screwdrivers. The cushioning optimally converts the force applied into a rotational movement. New quick-locking ratchet handles for easily changing nuts also provide improved comfort while working.

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The new freedom at work: solutions for greater flexibility

To make work easier, many manufacturers are offering products with enhanced flexibility. These developments include a series of clever solutions to simplify storage or transportation, such as new toolboxes that transform into a backpack in next to no time. This means that multiple tool organisers can be used at once, as it is now easy to carry several. New transport trolleys can be completely configured and customised for different uses.

Precision and simplification: digital upgrades for existing products

As is the case in other spheres of life, digitalisation is also advancing in the skilled trades. New connectivity features and apps simplify tasks on the construction site. Manufacturers are offering digital upgrades for marking and measuring tools to further enhance precision and improve the processing of the results. Now touch-operated, they have intuitive software and larger storage capacity to enable faster programming. What’s more, several functions such as a spirit level and angle finder can be combined in a single device with a Bluetooth interface and an app.

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