03.–06.03.2026 #IEM2024

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Product segment: Fastening and fixing technology

A special kind of connection: the latest solutions from all areas of fastening and fixing technology await you at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair Cologne. From small fittings and building hardware to plastic and metal – you will find the most innovative products. Do you offer the ultimate fastening technology? Then show the international trade fair audience which innovations will impress the industry and take advantage of the continued demand from wholesale and retail buyers!

Modern fastening technology - the starting point for successful construction projects

Rarely do we realise how much everything depends on the perfect fastening technology: the fact that physical structures and vehicles do not fall apart is something we take for granted. Every day, engineers and architects are faced with the demanding task of finding suitable processes and technologies that meet the highest standards in terms of stability and safety. Which new and durable materials offer solutions for the construction industry? Which innovative fixing technology can you use to join components or different materials together even more efficiently? Be inspired by the new products in the fastening industry at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair Cologne and network with renowned manufacturers!

This is what the “fastening and fixing technology” product segment offers

  • Qualified, international exhibitors from 51 countries - global networking within the industry
  • High-quality fastening and connection technology as well as fittings of all kinds
  • Inspiration for trendsetting product ideas and presenting your products in a way that promotes sales
  • Multifaceted offer for hardware buyers

Innovative fastening technologies - creating solid connections

The goal of high-quality fixing technology is to ensure long-lasting stability between components and materials. Learn about industry-specific fixing technologies and exciting alternatives to conventional fittings that result in assembly cost savings, while creating long-lasting stability. Very different customer groups consider design aspects more and more important. Nowadays, even the most demanding technological products have to be in a perfect form. With that in mind, the "fastening and fixing technology” product segment also includes solutions for joining components and materials together in a way that is not only stable but also visually appealing.

Building, furniture and small hardware - it’s all in the details

Often it is the details that allow experts to recognise high-quality work in construction and furniture manufacturing. That is why fittings of all kinds find an important platform at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair Cologne. In the furniture industry, they act as connecting elements for soft materials such as wood, enable turning and closing motions or are used for individual ornamentation to emphasise the design of certain furnishings. Are you familiar with the latest decorative metalware?

Get ready to be surprised by the variety of products from international exhibitors and discover the great potential that even small fittings can offer. This is how you can skilfully expand your product range for craftsmen and assembly experts!