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Professional Association for the tool industry (FWI)

4 Apr 2019


The professional association for the tool industry e.V. (Fachverband für Werkzeugindustrie e.V. – in short: FWI) has been active since 1909. As an industry representative, it represents the interests of its 150 members from various sectors such as the hand tool, machine tool, dowel and construction sectors. The areas in which the FWI is active are diverse - in addition to specialist commitment, this also includes attractive offers for its members.

The tool industry is characterised by "small structures". Many companies are family-run in the fourth or fifth generation and are known for high-quality manufacturer brands "made in Germany". More than half of the members of the FWI are based in NRW. A large proportion of the companies that are members of the FWI have fewer than 20 employees. The turnover of the industry in 2018 was 4.4 billion euros, the export quota 75%. In order to represent the industry effectively, the FWI is involved in a variety of activities.

Among other things, FWI advocates for its members by lobbying for them and thus supporting them in their dealings with EU directives, regulations and REACH issues and by maintaining and strengthening the "made in Germany" criterion. The FWI is committed to promoting quality tools and works with its members to combat tool plagiarism, unsafe tools and incorrect labelling.

The services offered to members include series of events and modules tailored to the needs of the tool industry, such as the organisation of subsidised joint stands at international trade fairs as well as competence, tool and regional forums. The FWI annually offers 20-25 information, exchange of experience and working groups as well as seminars and workshops on basic business issues and operational planning and organisation processes.

Together with Digital in NRW, the FWI launched a digitisation initiative in 2017, which includes a series of information events, workshops and seminars. The FWI is also active at national and international trade fairs - and has been the conceptual sponsor of the International Hardware Fair in Cologne since 1982.

Further information on the trade association for the tool industry can be found on the website .

Author: Ulrich Esch