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Introducing the European DIY Retail Association (EDRA) and the Global Home Improvement Network (ghin)

26 Apr 2019

The formerly independent organisations European DIY Retail Association (EDRA) and the Global Home Improvement Network (ghin) have joined forces as a consolidated association. Ever since, they have acted as the unified voice of the DIY trade around the globe. With an international network of offices, EDRA/ghin is active in the entire DIY industry, creating a platform for interaction and the exchange of ideas.

The association, created in 2002, represents some of the most well-known names in the retail trade, among others the Handelsverband Heimwerken, Bauen und Garten e.V. (Trade federation for DIY, building and garden). Its main objective is to optimise the quality of the global DIY trade. The association's headquarters are located in Cologne, Germany; it receives support from the EU office in Brussels and the Asia office in Tokyo as well as from the branch in Great Britain. Its members include 214 home centre companies with over 30,000 stores in 74 countries, employing over 1.4 million people and generating total sales of around 330 billion euros.

As the mouthpiece for the do-it-yourself trade, EDRA/ghin was of course also a part of the last INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR. John W. Herbert, European Secretary General of the association, saw the trade show as a complete success: "The large member companies were each present with up to 12 top buyers, and their number is increasing year by year. This is a very good development which impressively emphasises the international significance of the HARDWARE FAIR", said Herbert.

The way retailers and customers interact has changed significantly in recent years. These new developments are revolutionising the shopping experience in the DIY sector, thus presenting retailers with both opportunities and challenges. In addition, innovations and the use of new technologies influence the purchasing behaviour of consumers.

The EDRA/Ghin network emphasises that retailers welcome competition because it benefits them as well as suppliers and consumers; on top, it boosts innovation. Therefore, the association considers it one of its key tasks to educate policy-makers on how today's local communities can take advantage of this diversity and the countless opportunities.

To find out more about the association, its work and objectives, please visit its website . We look forward to working together again successfully at the next INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR !

Author: Ulrich Esch