Cologne: 01.–04.03.2020 #IEM2020


KGS Diamond International B.V. | Exhibitor on the INTERNATIONALE EISENWARENMESSE KÖLN 2020

KGS Diamond International B.V.

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KGS Diamond International B.V.
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KGS DIAMOND, with its headquarters in Switzerland, is a world leading abrasives innovation company since 1952. KGS not only patents its newest inventions and innovations on a regular basis but also controls unique and automated, proprietary production technologies, which guarantee an attractive cost base giving us the ability to compete with any manufacturer globally. Further advantages of these abilities are a high reliability and reproducibility of our products. All this translates into “Swiss Diamond Technology®”.

Our values are our commitment to you with State-of-the-Art Products and Services, Reliability and Accountability.

KGS flexible diamond tools have been specifically tailored for many industrial applications. KGS offers a full range of flexible diamond and different sizes in dimensions, including belts, discs, sheets and wheels. The technical superiority combined with unique products, allow KGS to offer innovative solutions with high added value and in perfect harmony with market requirements.

The KGS diamond tool range guarantees the best choice for both performance and technical reliability. Our products are a perfect extension of your coated abrasives range and require similar type of machines and knowledge.

We are at your disposal for any question or advise. Please contact our local office or our international sales office at

KGS Flexis® Flapwheels

After a successful introduction at the Cologne Hardware Fair in 2016, KGS has extended his range of diamond flapwheels – combination of diamond and non-woven flaps – with more sizes.

These interleaved diamond flap wheels are the perfect solution for blending, deburring and finishing of flat and contoured surfaces, giving easy access to difficult to reach areas.

Flexible diamond tools continue to work and keep up productivity on hard to grind materials, working fast and precise. The abrasive flaps offer a long lasting supply of fresh abrasives and load resistant design.

A perfect tool for use on various materials, like stone, glass, crystal and concrete shapes, hard materials like titanium, removal of overspray of hard coatings and hard materials in complex 3D shapes.

The alterated flaps – diamond and non-woven – ensure a comfortable and clean polishing process.

Available in spindle mounted constructions on shaft with flexible diamond in resin and metal bond. Flapwheels are commonly used with die grinders or bench grinders.

KGS Hybrid® Diamond Flap discs

Diamond flap discs
Try out the innovative KGS Hybrid® diamond flap discs! They offer a smooth and even grind, protection for the operator, and significantly reduced hand and arm vibrations compared to the cup wheels. They are universal, easy to use, and provide the best results for optimal and efficient operation.

KGS Hybrid® diamond flap discs with 22,23 arbor
Discs made of a plastic body with metal bonded diamond flaps. The firm body and solid flaps give precise control. The focus is on material removal and deburring, from grinding to fine grinding of natural stone, ceramics, engineered stone, concrete, composites and glass. Aggressive and very quick material removal

KGS Hybrid® diamond flap discs with M14 flange
Discs made of a plastic body with metal bonded diamond flaps. The firm body and solid flaps give precise control. The focus is on material removal and deburring, from grinding to fine grinding of natural stone, ceramic, engineered stone, concrete, composites, glass. Aggressive and very quick material removal.

KGS Hybrid®-T diamond flap discs
Made of a plastic body with metal bonded diamond flaps combined with silicon carbide flaps. The focus is on material removal and deburring, from rough grinding to fine grinding. Very well suited for chamfering, also suitable for edge and surface grinding. The Hybrid®-T grinds softer than the Hybrid®.

KGS Flexible diamond discs

KGS offers a full range of discs – small to large – in different patterns and backer materials for grinding and polishing of brittle and hard materials.

Famous products like KGS Telum® and KGS Flexis® are already available in diameters 10mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm up to the more popular sizes like 100mm, 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm with QRS or self-adhesive backing.

KGS K-LOC discs are flexible diamond quick change discs (Ø25mm, Ø50mm, Ø75mm). The diamond discs “screw” into the mandrel for a tight hold. This does make the disc stiffer so they will work best on flat surfaces and straight edges. K-LOC mainly used on glass for corner dubbing. Also useful for finishing of thermal barrier coatings & ceramics in complex three-dimensional shapes such as the aerospace industry.

KGS Flexible diamond belts

KGS have developed a range of premium belts in a variety of specifications and sizes for a power tools, air tools, backstands, cylindrical grinders, tool post grinders for many different applications.

Markets include glass, composites, superhard metals and coatings, porcelain, cloth emerizing, and many more.

Top quality diamond belts with great price-performance ratio for a manufacturing environment, where productivity is key.

KGS flexible diamond belts are available in grits 50 to 3000, metal and resin bond, in different types of backers, strong, heavy and flexible, in dimensions from 6-300mm wide and 305mm -10.000mm long.