Cologne: 01.–04.03.2020


AGP Europe

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Hall 10.2 Stand: B061
AGP Europe
Evenbroekveld 16 d
9420 Erpe-Mere
+32 472971427
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List of Products

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AGP R16 400mm Ring Saw + P8K Power Converter

An all new ring saw with a full 300mm cutting depth. The drive tensioning system is tool-free and blade changes are faster than ever before, requiring no opening of the cover.

The 6500 W, water-cooled, high-frequency motor gives outstanding power. The motor includes soft start, constant speed, motor brake, overload and thermal protection. A useful LED indicator informs the operator of load conditions

The P8K power converter can handle up to 32A. It is water-cooled, with built-in PRCD, and includes an LCD information display. It delivers maximum power with 380V to 480V, 3  phase input, but it can also be run on 220V to 240V single phase.

If 16A 3 phase 380V is available, the power level is 6500 W.                                                                 If single phase 220V with 32A breaker, the power level will be 5500 W.                                             If single phase 220V with 16A breaker, the power level will be 3500 W.

AGP DM62 Dry Diamond Core Drill Motor for Reinforced Concrete

The DM62 has been specially designed to take advantage of new developments in core bit technology to perform dry drilling of reinforced concrete up to Ø162mm.

The 2000 W motor is designed for maximum efficiency and has a weight of only 6,2 kg. To maximize dry drilling efficiency, the gearbox features a switchable soft percussion function, which keeps the diamonds sharp. There is a a built-in dust collection. 2 speeds gearbox covers a wide range of drilling diameters.

For hand-held drilling, there is an adjustable side handle. For mounting in a drill stand, which is required for larger diameters, the gearbox neck is 60mm.

AGP CG150 Dust-Control Wall Chaser

It is a Ø150mm wall chaser with maximum 50mm depth of cut and 47mm channel width. It is perfect for both reinforced concrete and brick. It has been engineered for maximum dust containment. This all new design combines features requested by operators in the field.

The 2500 W motor features constant speed and a very useful LED load warning lamp, which allows operators to cut at maximum efficiency.

The switches and handles are ergonomically designed. The base features 6 multi-location wheels for smooth and stable guidance over uneven surfaces. The laser pointer assists operators in making perfectly straight cuts.

The tool-free arbor screw allows blade changes and channel width adjustment to be performed with no tools.  It comes with a complete set of spacers for setting 2 blades to various channel widths. It also includes a complete set of spacers for installing 5 blades, allowing the operator to cut a 22,5mm wide channel in a single step.

The optional guide rail system engages with a slot in the CG150’s base plate for perfectly straight and controlled cuts.

AGP DMC6P Wet/Dry Diamond Core Motor & AS200 Drill Stand

The DMC6P drill motor is a perfect all-around coring motor, with Ø162mm wet drilling capacity and over Ø182mm dry capacity. Its high efficiency 2000 W motor includes full electronic controls. It features magnesium alloy motor housing and gearcase for maximum strength to weight ratio and best cooling.

For hand-held drilling, the adjustable side handle is oriented in-line with the spindle for best control. For larger diameters, it should be mounted in the AS200 drill stand.

The AS200 drill stand is specifically for hand-held motors and features a 60mm clamp bracket. It is designed for maximum rigidity and is rated for up to Ø200mm drilling. It includes tilt capability for angle drilling and can be folded down flat for easy storage and transport. The 3 spoke crank handle also doubles as a wrench and doesn’t require additional tools.

Optional equipment include a water collector ring and a vacuum base adaptor + vacuum pump.