"We weren't represented at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair in 2014. The format of the DIY Boulevard was what prompted us to participate this year. The concept convinced us and was the optimal solution for us to take part and at the same time carry on our regular appearances at other trade fairs. Here, we were able to present our new products on a smaller scale, exchange ideas and above all engage in networking. We received a good response at our stand and the quality of the customers was very good too. We are very pleased with our participation at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair. For us the DIY Boulevard was the optimal solution."

"We recorded a high frequency of visitors on the DIY Boulevard and at our stand throughout the fair. With a view to the German market, we were particularly able to make use of our participation on the DIY Boulevard for image purposes. But our presence here at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair especially paid off in terms of the export business. We were able to establish numerous new international contacts. If this concept is offered again, we would correspondingly place our focus on the international customers. In summary: Our DIY Boulevard participation at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair 2016 particularly paid off for our international business."

"We are positively surprised at the great response and the high frequency of visitors here on the DIY Boulevard. We are totally satisfied that we were on board. Our presence here at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair 2016 was definitely worth our while."

"We are extremely satisfied with our presence here on the DIY Boulevard of EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair. Our stand was particularly well-attended on the Sunday and Monday of the trade fair and the quality of the visitors was very good too: We were able to welcome first-class contacts from the trade at our stand and held many very good discussions."

"EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair was a very good opportunity for entrepreneurs to get to know our new, free learning platform "Digital Workshop". Through the training sessions at the stand and the opening keynote many companies were able to sensitise themselves for the theme of online marketing and get to know the latest opportunities in this area in follow-up discussions with us."

We received a lot of positive feedback on our world premiere, the presentation of the new Alumaster, in Cologne. We didn't expect we would receive such a good feedback. But, of course, we are delighted that the four year's development time is being rewarded. Once again this year, EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair, showed that it is the industry's most important leading fair for us as exhibitors. The crowning glory was then winning first prize in this year's PVH Partners Award and the EISEN Innovation Award 2016, which we were presented with for our innovation on the evening of the first day of the fair.

EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair is especially important for our export business, because nearly all of our international partners are present over the three days of the trade fair, whereby the Sunday was already a strong, above-average fair day. On that day our sales colleagues are quite literally rushed off their feet from morning to evening. Of course, we were delighted at winning this year's EISEN Award - this award demonstrates that our product innovations and our "made in Germany" manufacturer competence is honoured by the industry professionals.

We hadn't exhibited at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair for over ten years. But the concept of the DIY Boulevard convinced us to come to Cologne again this year. And this decision proved to be absolutely right, because we were able to establish many new and interesting contacts here. Condensing the number of days of the fair down to three no doubt also contributed to this overall positive impression, because there were no notable slack periods and the frequency of visitors remained constantly high.

We were very satisfied overall with the frequency of visitors at our stand, even though, of course, not all of our important customers came to Cologne this year. We think this is due to the Light + Building that takes place in Frankfurt just a few days later. We presented our new line-up for the specialised dealers for the first time in Cologne, which comprises of own products for the professional and which is to be exclusively distributed via the production-associated trade. This line-up went down very well with all of the customers and again confirmed our decision to select this sales channel.

We are glad that we opted for a participation on the DIY Boulevard. The flow of visitors was positive on all days of the trade fair. Many important central buyers and trade customers visited us in Cologne, who we don't necessarily meet at other trade fairs. This is precisely what makes the trade fair successful. But, of course, we wanted to and were able to offer the stand visitors something special: We presented the bundled offer of all our new products that are going to be launched onto the markets in the coming months.

This was Sonax's second participation at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair. Hall 10.1 was the ideal location for our professional product range for the industry and trade. We enjoyed a huge frequency of visitors at our stand throughout the entire duration of the fair. Not only many existing trade customers engaged in dialogue with us, we were also able to establish many new contacts. We will definitely be participating at the next EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair in two years' time again.

We received an overwhelming feedback from our visitors regarding the new Gedore presence. Our aim was to concentrate on the strong core brand, supported by our second brand Carolus and the further brand, Ochsenkopf. We succeeded in implementing precisely this concept at our stand and also had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with our customers and the visitors.

"EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair 2016 convinced as a result of the excellent quality of the trade audience. The visitors at our stand were very international and we were able to hold excellent, targeted discussions. Three days full of efficient business lie behind us."

"As a result of the new, modern hall concept of our E/D/E Lounge at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair, we were able to offer our members an ideal exchange on future themes such as the industry marketplace Toolineo, the data service eDC, Multishop and many other topics. We were particularly also able to welcome many international E/D/E dealers to our stand this year. The participation with Toolineo in the new E-Commerce Arena was successful for us. The trade fair was able to set many new impulses this year."

"For GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK, EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair in Cologne is one of the most important platforms for the presentation of our new products. The trade fair is the absolute meeting point for all manufacturers, dealers and decision-makers of the hardware industry. I am particularly delighted that our innovations always attract a great deal of attention in Cologne."