EISEN 2018 Innovation Award powered by ZHH

EISEN 2016

The most important facts at a glance

Which products are eligible for participation?

New product developments and further developments that are being presented at EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair Cologne 2018 for the first time ever and which stand out in terms of their form/function/appearance - design/ergonomics - eco-friendliness/sustainability/economic efficiency compared to conventional products found on the market. To be eligible for registration, a product may not have been presented on the market more than two years ago (08.03.2016).

Which categories are there?

The exhibitor ticks the corresponding category his product falls under on the application form.

  • Tools: Hand tools, power tools and accessories
  • Fixing and fastening technologies, fittings, furniture and small fittings, safeguarding systems
  • Industrial supply, workshop and factory equipment, work protection

How can you apply?

The exhibitor fills out the form and sends it back by 18.01.2018 (an automatic confirmation will be received). The entry deadline is 18.01.2018, which is also the deadline for the description of the concept, photo and image material, presentations, etc.

Products in presentable and operational condition must be delivered to the spedition (Please note: Recipient is Schenker Deutschland AG) . All entries that Koelnmesse or Schenker receives after 25.01.2018 cannot be taken into account.

The judging session will be held in Cologne on 29.01.2018. The jury members will be named by the ZHH composed of representatives of the press, trade or from the field of science. The jury will elect the nominees in each category from among all of the entries.

The nominees of each category will be informed of the result immediately (Please note: Not every product that was submitted for judging will be presented in the special zone).

All nominated products will be integrated into the special event on the central boulevard by the trade fair organisation team and will be accompanied by a short description (the contents will be taken from the details on the application form).

The winners will be awarded the EISEN 2018 during the Welcome Party.

All of the nominated products will be presented to the trade visitor. The winners will be identifiable straight after the award ceremony.

The exhibitor collects his product(s) from the special zone after the end of the exhibition (6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.). The exhibitors that were not nominated are also requested to collect their products from here.